Skull Panda
> Designed by Rikk Estoban

Skull Panda

Skull Panda may seem to us like a ubiquitous and harmless extension of Rikk Estoban’s brand empire, but it was, at one point, responsible for the Breeding Treaties of 2007, when the Chinese government attempted to negotiate breeding contracts with the Fuzzy-Wumpkinians of the Widdle System. Fuzzy-Wumpkinian – or “Wumpies” as they’re colloquially known – scientists believed, after careful study, that Earth’s “panda bears” may in fact be Wumpies, abandoned 25,000 years ago on a failed expeditionary mission. 

When the Wumpies arrived, however, it was revealed to be a hilarious misunderstanding, as they’d based their assumptions off of the misconstrued anatomy of Skull Panda.  The Breeding Treaties were subsequently annulled, and replaced with the much-more-popular Let’s-Just-Cuddle Treaties.

Men's printed on: Gildan 64000 Unisex Softstyle
Women's on: Gildan 5000L Ladies Heavy Cotton
Youth on: Anvil 990B Youth Lightweight Fashion
  • $ 19.77

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