The Yak-Wendigo War
> Designed by John Allison

The Yak-Wendigo War
PRODUCT TAGS: Combat and ConflictGiant Beasts
The bloodiest battle in Earth history, won only because of assistance provided by the Vainglorious Frawnch Ascendancy. Concerned that our fragile human psyches would never recover, Ambassador Xog had each and every one of our memories altered so as to leave this whole unpleasant mishap behind us. 

T-shartist John Allison clearly is in need of a mental tune-up, and will be monitored for lingering side-effects of the neurological wipe. 

Men’s printed on: Bella & Canvas 3001 Unisex
Women’s on: Gildan 5000L Ladies Heavy Cotton
  • $ 19.77

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