Professor Science
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Professor Science
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Beloved 1980s children’s educator Professor Science got a surprising new lease on life when reruns were discovered by the Mofraxian embassy while they waited out their quarantine in a Quality Inn.  Mofraxians, who are shaped peculiarly like mortarboards, often wear a type of “shoe” (though it bears more in common functionally with a hermit crab’s shell) that looks surprisingly like an Earth sauropod of the Jurassic period.

EduTaynmint Industries is currently discussing the possibility of an Earth-Mofrax co-production to revitalise and adapt the old programme for both audiences.

Men’s printed on: Anvil 980 Lightweight Ringspun
Women’s on: Gildan 5000L Ladies Heavy Cotton
Youth on: Anvil 990B Youth Lightweight Fashion
  • $ 19.77

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